Deep data integration is here. You’re now able to build great relevant email marketing campaigns based on segmented data. Next order and product data fields are synced to Constant Contact so you can start building campaigns that realy matter. Read how you can use Constant Contact’s Blog ‘Contact Management & Segmentation Resourceshere and try the Shopify Constant Contact connector today.

Synchronize Shopify customer data and segment contacts that have purchased a specific product, or have achieved a specific lifetime value, or have purchased 9 or more products, or have made 4 or more individual orders. Create unique paths in automation workflows.
Use Shopify order data to create Goals or If statements, to increase lead scores, and create unique paths in automation workflows.

  • Synchronizes Shopify customer data of your newsletter subscribers to the Constant Contact list you select.
  • Stores relevant customer data in your Constant Contact subscriber list. Not only the name and email of your customers are stored in your Constant Contact account, but also their address data and customer information like the amount of orders in your webshop and the total amount they spent. This greatly increases your segmentation options.
  • Synchronises your customer data to your Constant Contact list every 15 minutes. This means your Constant Contact subscriber list remains up-to-date and you can optimize your autoresponder strategy by sending new customers emails within a few days.

Deep data fields:

  • Custom_field_1 -> Total Spent
  • Custom_field_2 -> Number Of Orders
  • Custom_field_3 -> Customer Tags
  • Custom_field_4 -> Last Order Price
  • Custom_field_5 -> Last Order Currency
  • Custom_field_6 -> Last Order Product Name
  • Custom_field_7 -> Total Products
  • Custom_field_8 -> SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Custom_field_9 -> Last Order Product Category
  • Custom_field_10 -> Order Tags


About Constant Contact

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Constant Contact support: For any questions related to Constant Contact, please contact their Award Winning Customer Support team at 866-289-2101 or check out their support page.


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